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Hello there and welcome! My name is Vadim, and this is my personal website. You're here now which means you're interested in me for some reason. Well, feel free to look around and use the contact me form to send me a message!

SignImg This website is a work in progress!! I have a lot of ideas, but I don't have enough free time these days... So feel free to check up on me later again! :)

My hobbies and things I am passionate about



Beep beep



Im a nerd, what can I say?



Kinda obvious right? Most people like music. In my soul, I'm totally a rock star!



This is a really important one. When I started reading often, it changed my life completely. Girls still think Im a nerd, but at least now I feel intellectually superior when I sit alone in my room. Cool huh?



Am I a good writer? No. And I'm not even trying my best to become one. I still like writing.

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