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Hello there and welcome! My name is Vadim, and this is my personal website. You're here now which means you're interested in me for some reason. Well, feel free to look around and use the contact me form to send me a message!

SignImg This website is a work in progress!! I have a lot of ideas, but I don't have enough free time these days... So feel free to check up on me later again! :)

My hobbies and things I am passionate about



I like Computer Science because a computer is an extremely powerful tool that allows us to do previously unimaginable things. Thanks to computers scientists can now perform complex calculations and simulations, artists can create their artworks easily, big firms can organize their staff to work more efficiently. Basically, everyone benefited from the advances made in this particular field.



I like math because it's... well, it's awesome! It teaches us how to think logically, it's fun if you're really interested in it, and humankind owes almost all of its achievements to mathematics. Math hasn't always been friendly to me - in fact, I felt extremely frustrated when I was younger and couldn't figure out a solution for another equation or inequality. But I was also stubborn, and I kept digging in, even though sometimes it felt pointless. I also want to say thank you to Sal Khan for his incredible project named Khan Academy. He's truly the best teacher you could ever have - funny, friendly and calm. Please, do yourself a favor and study some math :)



Everyone loves music, but for me it truly means a lot. When I was younger, I was rather shy and reserved, and music helped me to communicate with my friends and my loved ones. I mean really, it was much easier to send a good song to a friend to convey your mood or maybe even some ideas instead of trying to fing the right words. I think it's nice that as humans we have different mediums for expressing ourselves. Music is also invaluable when you're depressed or are just in search for inspiration. My favorite band is Coldplay.



I cannot stress enough how important reading has been in my life. When I started reading, it changed my perception of the world we all live in completely. If you have read Martin Eden written by Jack London, you will understand what I mean. There are so many points of view, so many perspectives. Literature teaches us how to understand other people, how to be tolerant to different views and ideas, and also - like music - it's a great source of inspiration. By reading someone else's written work you absorb new life experiences that you might have never come across otherwise.



Writing is obviously closely intertwined with reading. Reading is how you absorb knowledge, and writing is how you share your own truth with the others. It is not easy to write - you must be a good observer, and you should live a pretty busy and active life in order to have enough material to work with. I am working on my own little novel nowadays, but I cannot give you a lot of details right now unfortunately.

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